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TrustGeeky Review of Weebly Site Builder


What is Weebly? Its a super powerful website building tool for creating ecommerce stores and feature rich websites. Weebly is a fast and easy way to create a website.
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TrustGeeky’s Review of Weebly Website Builder

What is Weebly?

Weebly Review

Weebly is an easy to use website builder. But also is much more than this. It is a free & paid web hosting platform for building websites and ecommerce business with easy to use tools.

Its built for everyone (beginners and IT professionals) as its super easy-to-use and packed with robust features for creating online stores and ecommerce shopping websites. The site builder is a powerful ecommerce platform for small businesses that is owned and operated by Square.

Weebly’s website builder is one of the internet’s best tools for creating professional websites in minutes. Their web hosting service is one of the top recommended companies for website hosting in 2021.

Pricing is affordable and scalable based on your personal needs.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place. uses Weebly affiliate referral links on our website and may earn income from them. Thanks for your support!

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Weebly Website Builder

What is a website builder?

Its a content management system that uses a drag and drop style page builder that is useful for small business websites, online stores and ecommerce shops.

Weebly’s website builder is one of the internet’s best tools for building websites, shopping sites and mobile web apps.

Get the Weebly by Square app free from Google Play.

Weebly Pricing
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Prices start at $0/month

Weebly Pricing

At Weebly customers have multiple hosting plans to choose from. Free website hosting is a great option.

Pricing starts at $0/month (FREE) for websites.

The personal hosting plan costs $6/month and allows people to use their own custom domain name for visiting website accessing their site through the internet.

There are professional and performance hosting plans that cost $12/month and $26/month respectively. These plans are the best solutions for established online stores and ecommerce businesses.

Weebly vs WIX

TrustGeeky has compared Weebly vs WIX and found them to be comparable with one another.

One of the main differences between the two is the cost of available pricing plans for their web hosting services. Wix web hosting prices are approximately 1.5X to 2X prices depending on the plan chosen. WIX also offers enterprise hosting solutions starting at $500/month.

While Weebly is an excellent website builder tool & hosting solution recommended for beginners and small business owners, WIX is a robust website building platform that is designed for Ecommerce sites that’s a great alternative to the Weebly website builder.

Both companies provide a suite of useful tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that help boost your web pages in the Google search results. These search engine optimization benefits can not be overstated as solid SEO tools can be a key success factor for gaining organic search engine web traffic.

Both companies are both recommended companies that provide web hosting for small business websites.

Weebly vs WordPress

When comparing Weebly vs WordPress they’re two totally different platforms for building websites.

Small business just starting out can quickly use Weebly to quickly create professional websites in minutes. They also offer free website hosting solutions on their domain for business websites just getting started without a domain name yet.

WordPress on the other hand also provides a powerful CMS for building websites, social networking communities, personal blogs, mobile apps and more. People interested about hosting and creating sites with WordPress can learn about the best WordPress hosting sites here on TrustGeeky.

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Weebly Support
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Weebly Customer Service Information

Weebly Support

One of the nice things about creating a website on the Weebly platform is the quality of customer service available from its online support representatives.

Weebly customer service team members are readily available 24/7 to quickly help respond to any inquiries you may have along the way. The community support guide also provides an abundance of helpful content for people seeking out answers to the most common FAQs.

Find help and Weebly support on:

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