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TrustGeeky: Virtual Private Network


TrustGeeky explains exactly what a VPN is and how it works to provide internet privacy.
Find a virtual private network and protect your IP address from hackers and spy software.
Compare the best VPN software and free virtual private network service providers on Quickly find the best VPN download for that meet your needs.

What is VPN?
Everything you need to know about how Virtual Private Networks to protect your personal information while browsing the internet.

What is VPN?

VPN Meaning

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for virtual private network.

Essentially, since its means virtual private network, how it actually works is that its computer software code which makes the user’s computer appear anonymously at a different location than its actual IP location when browsing the internet.

There are many good reasons why to use a VPN.

Privacy & security are the two primary reasons why most people use virtual private networks when surfing the web. The peace of mind is worth the low cost by itself alone.

Its important that you can protect your personal life online from hackers and data-miners that mine (scrape) your personal information when you browse the net.

Or maybe you just don’t want spying eye agencies watching your every move on the web.

Whatever your reasons for using a VPN – they work good to keep your personal data secure.

What is the best VPN in 2021?

Best VPN Services

What is the best virtual private network?

Deciding which software download is best depends on your individual or business needs, the reason(s) for using a virtual private network, and of course, your budget for buying a software to install.

Our TrustGeeky referral links to some of the top VPN service providers and apps for your mobile phone, tablet, PC or personal laptop computer are included below.

TrustGeeky may earn a referral fee for sending website visitors through ad links on the website.

#1 NORDVPN – Thousands of international VPN servers to choose from to get online securely.

Get secure and private access to the internet with NordVPN – fast and secure virtual private network with over 1,000+ servers spread out geographically diverse around the world.

NordVPN Download - Nord VPN

#2 ProtonVPN – Easily one of the best free vpn download options in 2021 bits down.

In addition to ProtonVPN, TunnelBear is the other great free option for windows, android, iOS, firestick and others.

ProtonVPN - Proton VPN

#3 VyperVPN – No free option available but cheap VPN pricing.

Best VPN
TrustGeeky VPN (Virtual Private Network)
VPN Comparison - TrustGeeky
Reviews of the top rated free & paid services

TrustGeeky VPN Service Comparison

Find the best free VPN service on TrustGeeky in the TG comparison chart provided for your convenience here.

Compare these virtual private networks which are the popular and most trusted virtual private network downloads on the net in 2021.

If the protected network provider offers a free version it will be shown in the TrustGeeky VPN comparison table that’s below.

Each of these are among the top VPNs download sites offering secure browsing from thousands of anonymous international servers from all around the world.

VPN500+ ServersLocation DiverseFree Verson
Hotspot ShieldYESYESYES

*TrustGeeky may earn payment for sending referrals to these service providers through our use of affiliate links on this website.

NordVPN - Shop Online Securely

Everything you need to know about Virtual Private Network Apps for Your Mobile Phone.

VPN Apps

How VPN Apps Work

Browsing the web on your phone using public Wi-Fi networks can make you vulnerable to hackers and tracking companies / algorithms.

This is why virtual private network apps are in high demand. provides an excellent page with information on how vpn apps work and what you need to know before downloading an app.

Virtual private network apps provide users with security by hiding your IP address and encrypting data sent over the internet connection.

Its essential to your online privacy that you encrypt your data from hackers and data-miners.

VPN apps for your mobile phone should be carefully researched before choosing to download an app.

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