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TrustGeeky Sport Bet Guide

Sports Betting

Dive into online sports betting bookmaker sites reviewed and approved by TrustGeeky (TG).


Sports betting, aka sports gambling, is a massive industry with several key sportsbook players to pay attention to when conducting iGaming industry research.

William Hill, BetMGM, DraftKings, Fan Duel and even Hard Rock are now all big names in sports entertainment which are currently setting up online betting sites for the USA market.

Sportsbook brands such as Bet365, LeoVegas, William Hill and Mr. Green have all been providing UK bettors with legal online sports gambling entertainment since the UK Gambling Act of 2005 was passed in the United Kingdom.

Many of the best betting sites offer their customers a full suite of sport wagering services from live bets to esports and virtual sports.

Online Sports Betting reviews the best online sports betting sites and real money bookmakers for 2021.

Here on TrustGeeky we provide trusted average ratings for all of the online sportsbooks, bookmakers, technology products and internet services. Our goal is to help you learn how online sports betting works and how to get paid win your bets win. Choosing a trusted sportsbook to place your bets with is an important first step towards your new sports gambling journey.

Sports Betting Sites

TrustGeeky is currently reviewing a number of the web’s most trusted sports betting sites. We’ll be using our trusted average ratings system to ensure you’ll find sportsbooks that you can trust for fair and professional service.

Soon we’ll be posting even more of them here in this internet sportsbook ranking chart below. It outlines some of the best sportsbooks online for real money sport gambling on the web. uses referral links and may earn money from these links so thanks a lot for showing your support of TrustGeeky!

Bovada3X 150% to $1.5KKahnawakeRTG, BetSoft, WGS
Fortune Jack100% to 6 BTCCuracaoNetEnt, BetSoft, iSoftBet +
Mr Green100% MatchUKGC, MaltaMicrogaming, NetEnt +
Slots.lv300% to $1.5KKahnawakeRTG, BetSoft, WGS
Try these online sportsbooks and casinos for betting real money on the internet. Ages 21+. Check your local laws before gambling on the internet.
Live Sports Betting
Bet Live During the Game

Live Betting

Live sports betting is the latest trend emerging from this fast moving industry. Bovada live allows people to place bets live during the game or matchup. Now you can bet on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want to. Bet on just about everything from NFL football games and NBA Hoops to LOL Esports games and live UFC & MMA fights.

How Sports Betting Works

How Sports Betting Works

Understanding how sports betting works is pretty straight forward for the most part.

Two or more people must agree to bet on the outcome of a game or event. Something valuable is wagered, typically money, and there are betting odds which dictate how the bet gets paid if it’s a winning wager. Understanding the odds is a key aspect that helps advantage bettors to place bets with greater risk reward ratios.

If the team or player you placed your bet on wins then your bet will be paid according to the wager’s odds. If the team you placed bets on loses then you lose the amount of money you bet.

For some people that get lucky occasionally, placing bets on sports is a way of making money online for those winning bets. That’s not to say that its a realistic way to make money online because you still have to get lucky with your wagers.

There is an unpredictable element that makes sports gambling possible in the first place.

There’s no such thing as s sure fire bet or nor a sport bets strategy that works consistently.

Types of Sports Bets

The first thing to know about sports gambling is the different types of bets or wagers you can place. In this list of bets below TrustGeeky has listed the most common types of sports wagers taking place at online sportsbooks and land based sport bookmakers.

  • Straight Bets
  • Total Line Bets
  • Money Line Bets
  • Parlay Bets
  • Teaser Bets
  • Head to Head Bets

Sports betting is so much more than just a gambling on game of chance. In fact, sports betting sites offer many different types of bets for players to place their money on. You may be surprised to learn that there are more ways than one to bet on your favorite team or athlete! In this article, we will take a look at some of these different types of sports bets from the perspective of someone who has been in the business for many years and knows how each type works.

Of course, the first type of sports wagers available to gamblers are money-line bets.

The most common type of sports wager is a money-line bet. In this type of wager, you simply need to guess whether a team will win or lose. If you’re betting on the favorite and they win, then you’ll get paid even money on your wager (e.g., $100 for every hundred dollars that was staked).

If you’re betting on an underdog, then your payout would be greater than even money. For example: if a team was listed as -120 favorites but they lost the game by one point, then the return payout would be $60 in profit ($120 minus $60) for every hundred dollars wagered—which is why it’s sometimes known as “juice.” You can also bet on point spreads or totals (such as under/over), which we’ll cover later in this guide!

The second type of bet comes in the form of a point spread.

The second type of bet comes in the form of a point spread. This is where you’re betting on which team will win the game, but sometimes you can also bet on who will win by more than X points. If you place an NFL bet with a +3 point spread, for example, this means that whichever team you choose to bet on has to win by four points or more for your wager to be successful. The same goes for -3 point spreads; if you’re wrong and they lose by less than three points, then your bet doesn’t cash out as a winner (it’s called being “on the hook”).

A favorite example would be if an NFL team has won eight games straight while their opponent only has four wins overall during that same time period. It’s quite likely that most people will think this favorite team will win again when they face off against each other in another match up; however there are always some unknown factors involved which could make things go differently than expected!

Point spreads are typically quoted at 1.5 points (or .5 points), with an associated cost of 10 cents on each dollar wagered.

Point spreads are typically quoted at 1.5 points (or .5 points), with an associated cost of 10 cents on each dollar wagered—so if you bet $100 on a team favored by 4 points, and they win by exactly 4 points, you would win your bet plus the additional 10 cents per dollar wagered.

The money line has no point spread and is often used in baseball and hockey games where the favorite is small enough that it’s not worth betting on them over the underdog (the way you might use a point spread). Instead, bets are made between two sides: for example, Team A has been given odds of -150 to win; meaning that if Team A ends up losing by any margin other than 15 runs, then whoever was betting against them wins their stake back plus 50%.

If a parlay involves more than one event (as opposed to just one), then there’s an additional 5% added onto your original stake as well as whatever your original payout may have been.*

A third type of bet found at most betting sites comes in the form of a parlay bet.

A third type of bet found at most betting sites comes in the form of a parlay bet. Parlays are a multiple bet, which means that you’re not just betting on one game or match but several games at once. That being said, they’re almost always a combination of money line and point spread bets.

A simple example might be: “I am going to place an NFL/MLB/NBA combo parlay.” This means you’re betting on three different events happening simultaneously; all three outcomes must occur together for you to win your wager. A more complicated example might be: “I’m placing an NCAAFB/MLB combo parlay with half point spreads on both teams.” You can see how these get tricky pretty quickly!

In addition to the above mentioned bet types, gamblers can also find proposition bets at sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline.

In addition to the above mentioned bet types, gamblers can also find proposition bets at sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline. These are essentially side bets and can be placed on anything that is not a standard bet. For example, if you want to see if there will be a run in the bottom of the 9th inning, but don’t want to wager on who will win that game or even what sport it is being played in (baseball vs football), then this is an example of a proposition bet where you would choose which team scores first.

Beyond those types of bets, there is one more type worth mentioning here; futures bets.

Futures bets are wagers that you make on future events. These bets can be made for sporting events like March Madness or the Super Bowl, as well as non-sports related events like the Academy Awards. Some other examples of futures bets include:

  • The World Series
  • The Stanley Cup
  • The World Cup

There are many other ways to wager and win!

You can also place futures bets on the outcome of sports events. These are wagers made before the fact and therefore bear no resemblance to point spreads.

Futures bets could be thought of as “if-then” propositions—if Team X wins, then I’ll win $10; if Team Y wins, then I’ll lose $20; etc. For example, you might take a futures bet that if Team A wins their next game by more than 10 points, you will receive $20 from your bookie; if not, he owes you $10 in return. Similarly, proposition bets are based on an individual event’s result rather than any teams’ performance in a series (parlay).

Proceeds from these types of wagers are paid out based on some combination of odds and outcomes: for example, when placing an even money bet (where winning returns what was wagered) against a point spread as described above ($50 wagered vs., say, 6 points), there is only one possible outcome (win/lose) so all payout scenarios would have zero chance of occurrence (they’re mutually exclusive). However in other types like parlays where there are multiple possible outcomes or prop bets where certain conditions must be met before payout occurs–the likelihoods associated with those scenarios need to be considered before placing your bet so that when one does occur it won’t impact how much money is placed into your account today versus tomorrow.”

Conclusion on Different Types of Sport Bets

By now you should have a better understanding of the different types of sports bets and how they can be used to increase your chances of winning a wager. If you’re still unsure about which type works best for you, we recommend giving each one a try before settling on just one or two types that suit your needs best.

Betting Odds
Odds & Payouts

Betting Odds

Bovada LV is one of the world’s largest online betting sites that offers the latest and best betting odds on sports game matchups.

Place wagers live during the game or bet pre-season long odds on your favorite teams. Check out Bovada sportsbook to get the latest betting odds from a real trustworthy online sportsbook.

Bovada offers the best odds we’ve seen after conducting in-depth research and statistical analysis of the online gambling marketspace. In addition to sports bets and esports betting, Bovada LV is also an awesome online casino with live dealer gaming tables and hundreds of online slots to play. Not only that, Bovada Casino also features lots of other fun games like roulette and blackjack.

Bovada Sports Betting
TrustGeeky Review of

Bovada Sports Review

Bovada is one of the most famous names in sport betting entertainment as they’ve been running a trusted online sportsbook for more than a decade.

Bet on everything from esports to the Superbowl. sportsbook offers the latest betting lines and odds on all the big games and sporting events.

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