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TrustGeeky Roulette Guide


Want to play online roulette for real money? In this TrustGeeky guide we’ll explain how to play with rules, strategy and betting tips.

How to Play Roulette

On TrustGeeky we’ll teach you how to play roulette for fun or real. Its an easy casino game to learn with loads of entertainment for all types of gamblers from beginner to advantage players.

There are several key factors to consider when playing online roulette for real money such as playing the American game versus playing the European version of the game. You need to know the differences between these two different roulette games because they make a very big difference in your odds of winning at roulette.

European roulette is the best type of roulette game to play because it offers a single zero on the table which greatly improves your odds against playing American roulette which has two zeros on the table. Only play single zero roulette to get the best chance of winning.

Roulette Rules

The rules of the casino game are very easy to follow and the simplicity of Roulette is why so many people are drawn to playing it. If you’re looking for an easy to play game that doesn’t require any strategy or skills then give it a try. Its a totally random game and once the wheel starts spinning the dealer spins the ball and where its lands is anybody’s guess.

There is usually a minimum bet amount the casino requires players to place in order to play. $5 is a common minimum but you can find lower table limits at many of the best casinos online.

Types of Bets

Outside Bets

Most people new to the game will usually bet on Red or Black. This is the easiest and most straight forward way to play this popular online casino game.

This is the easiest way to play roulette. Just pick which color you think is coming next and place your gamble on either blackjack or red. The casino dealer (croupier) will spin the wheel and let the ball spin and drop down into one of the numbers on the wheel. You can see in the roulette table image below that the wheel has 36 alternating red and black numbers. Betting on red or blackjack will payout 1:1 on the amount wagered. So, a $10 bet on red that’s a winning bet will pay the bettor $10.

Inside Bets

There are also other types of roulette bets you can place including betting on individual numbers, groups of numbers and different locations available on the game table.

Roulette Bets

Single Zero vs Double Zero

Single zero games offers players much better odds than their sister game which has two zeros on the wheel and table. TrustGeeky recommends that players only play European roulette online or at local casinos (single zero tables) and to never play the American version (tables with two zeros).


Single zero games offer players a – 2.7% return versus double zero games offer players a -5.3% return.

That’s nearly double the odds against you when playing the American game(double zero table).

Payouts in Roulette

The simplicity of the game combines with the payouts in roulette are what makes it such an exciting game to enjoy playing. In this popular casino game there are many different types of wagers you can gamble on.

Different bets offer players different payouts so its a good idea to understand this payout chart.

For example, a simple bet on red will have payouts of 1 to 1. $10 bet = $10 won.

However, for an inside bet on an individual number this will pay 36 to 1. $10 bet = $360 won.

Roulette Strategy

If your looking for a reliable strategy that actually works then you can stop looking for it. Doesn’t exist.

There are many websites claiming to offer roulette strategies but they’re not reliably effective and ultimately don’t work so do not be fooled.

We’re here to inform you that there are not any effective strategy tips that can lead to consistently winning in the game. Because the casino game is truly random like slots so there is no way to beat the system on a regular basis like you can with blackjack, poker and other casino games of skill. You just have to get lucky to win!

Online Roulette

Playing online roulette for real money is an enticing offer from internet casinos for many players.

While TrustGeeky (TG) strongly encourages that everyone play free online to save money we’ve also built this guide to playing on the internet for those who choose to play roulette for real money at online or offline casinos.

We have provided reviews of online casinos that you can read through to compare top rated and highly trusted casino websites at the beginning of your search. Read the TG online casino reviews carefully to find trustworthy casinos to bet with.

Las Atlantis280% to $14KRTG TSTRTG, Visionary iGaming
Bovada3X 150% to $1.5KKahnawakeRTG, BetSoft, WGS
El Royale250% to $12.5KRTG TSTRTG, Visionary iGaming
Bitstarz100% to 1 BTCCuracaoNetEnt, Evolution, SoftSwiss +
Red Dog225% to $12.5KRTG TSTRTG, Visionary iGaming
Cafe Casino350% to $2.5KKahnawakeRTG, BetSoft
Fortune Jack100% to 6 BTCCuracaoNetEnt, BetSoft, iSoftBet +
Slots.lv300% to $1.5KKahnawakeRTG, BetSoft, WGS
All of the internet casinos listed in our comparison chart have excellent reputations in the iGaming community.

Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Casino players looking to play for real cash should read through the TrustGeeky real money online casino guide. It explains different ways to make deposits and withdrawals from internet casinos and highlights some of the best casino software providers online.

Some of the most popular ways to play roulette online for real money is by making a deposit with an internet casino using a credit card. In most cases online casinos that accept credit cards mostly accept Visa and MasterCard.

Many different betting sites also accept cryptocurrency deposits, usually Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Roulette Payouts

The payouts for the game are pretty straight forward. However, there are different types of bets so the odds vary depending on the type of bet placed. For example, A bet on red or black has payouts of 1:1 so a $5 bet pays out $5 in winnings. In contrast, a bet placed on an individual number has much longer odds with payouts of 35:1 so a $5 bet on a winning number pays out $175 in winnings.

Best Roulette Apps

Google Play offers some of the best roulette apps you’ll find for your android mobile phone. Check out Google Play for thousands of fun and free gaming apps to enjoy from your phone whenever and wherever you want to enjoy mobile casino gaming. iPhone & iPad users can play Roulettist by downloading this cool IOS roulette app from the Apple App Store.

Free Roulette Game

Want to try a free roulette game right here on TrustGeeky? We’ve included a single zero game you can play freely for hours of fun online gaming entertainment. You can also play free slots, blackjack and even more free casino games that are coming soon to TrustGeeky.

This free game is courtesy of NetEnt and is for persons 21 years of age and up. 21+ Only.

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