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SiteGround vs Bluehost: Compared

SiteGround vs Bluehost Comparison

SiteGround vs Bluehost

Web Hosting Server Specifications Compared

By most accounts found online SiteGround hosting is the better choice when comparing SiteGround’s services with Bluehost web hosting service.

Bluehost does have some advantages though so depending on the type of website used, there are some instances where Bluehost out performs SiteGround in a few key areas.

Generally speaking, SiteGround offers faster servers that Bluehost with its use of SG SSD drives. That’s the big advantage of using SiteGround to host an online website, app or web service.

On the other side, Bluehost comes packaged at one low price bundled with integrations for email marketing, search engine marketing and local business listings.

Both companies have quality outlooks taken from the web hosting community at large, so either way you’re in good hands with Bluehost and SiteGround services. Just choose the one that’s better given your situation and business/website needs.

SiteGround offers faster website hosting so when speed & site performance are the primary objective SiteGround hosting is the best option.

When pricing is a concern for newer business starting, Bluehost pricing is better than SiteGround pricing and the bundled marketing tools from Bluehost give new websites a kick-start marketing boost to help with search engine and social media marketing.

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The website development complexity, number of monthly visitors, email needs and server speed requirements should be factors a decision is based upon when choosing between Bluehost and SiteGround web hosting services.

SiteGround vs Bluehost: Which host is better?

Host SpecsSiteGroundBluehost
PricingStarting @ $6.99Starting @ $2.95
Website MigrationFreePaid
Site SecurityEnterprise GradeEnterprise Grade
Server LocationsSixOne
Customer ServiceEmail, +Fast Live ChatLive Chat, Phone #
Support Response Time2-3 minutes or less5-15 minutes
Overall Rating9/108/10
SiteGround vs Bluehost ConclusionSiteGround is the better overall web host providing customers with superior customer services and fasters web servers using SSD Drives.Bluehost is still a great choice for beginners on a budget. Its also easy to use and get your website up and running in a few minutes time.
SiteGround vs Bluehost: Host Specifications

SiteGround Web Hosting vs Bluehost Web Hosting Specs

The TustGeeky web hosting comparison chart below places the lowest priced, basic plans from each service provider side by side making it easy to compare the hosting specifications and features of each plan.

Compare Bluehost vs SiteGround web hosting services and choose the right plan that best meets the specific needs of your site.

SiteGround “Startup” Plan vs Bluehost “Basic” Plan

Plan SpecsSiteGround StartupBluehost Basic
Monthly Visitors10,000Unmetered
Disk Space10 GB50 GB
# of Websites11
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Sub DomainsUnlimited25
Free Domain NameNoYes
Email AccountsUnlimited5
Server LocationsAmsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Singapore, SydneyUndisclosed officially. Claims of data centers in Mumbai, Provo and Shanghai.
Free Site BackupDailyNo
Operating SystemLinuxLinux
Built-in CachingYesNo
SFTP and SSHYesYes
Visit SiteGroundVisit Bluehost
SiteGround WordPress vs Bluehost WordPress

Who is best for WordPress hosting: Bluehost or SiteGround?

Comparing SiteGround WordPress hosting plans versus Bluehost hosting plans there are some key differences, primarily with server speed and customer service response times.

SiteGround provides faster servers and faster customer services as well so its the overall better WordPress hosting service.

Bluehost, however, offers cheaper WordPress hosting than SiteGround does and is much more affordable to run one or multiple websites on their servers.

SiteGround beats out Bluehost when it comes to WordPress hosting offering customers faster SG WP SSD servers and faster customer services response times.

Between the two web hosting services, SiteGround offers the best WordPress hosting for those that have the budget for the extra cost.

Hosting a single WordPress website with SG starts at $6.99 per month vs Bluehost WordPress hosting plans starting at only $2.95 per month for single site WP plans.

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