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TrustGeeky (TG) reviews the web’s best website builders from Google, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google, Hostgator and other useful website building tools & site builder services.

Find the right site builder for creating your presence online

What is the best website builder? This is a common question asked by people creating their first website. On TrustGeeky our team of tech geeks have taken aim at website builder services in 2021 and notated our research and findings here on TrustGeeky.com. Google offers an excellent explanation page about how to choose a website builder that we recommend to all beginners.

Weebly Website Builder

TrustGeeky’s editors partnered up with TG web development experts to find out everything we can about free website builders and how they stack up against each other.

We discovered the best website builder that’s free to use is from Weebly.

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Gator Website Builder

HostGator is a popular web hosting company that’s been around longer than a decade with a solid reputation and a variety of affordable hosting services.

They also happen to provide an easy to use, integrated custom website builder. The Gator website builder comes bundled with website hosting in one low monthly price.

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Google Sites

Its a good idea to use Google Workspace for general purpose websites that provide business operating hours, address information, contact details, etc.

Google Workspace helps you easily and quickly build professional and form functional websites right from day one with no website development experience required.

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build websites with Weebly

#1. Weebly

Weebly is an easy to use website builder that’s loaded with powerful features for quickly creating feature rich websites and ecommerce online stores.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

One of the big advantages to developing website with Weebly is that its owned and operated by Square. This means you’ll get the very best support and customer service.

There are costs associated with hosting a custom domain name on the Weebly website building platform. There’s also a free option for creating sites on the Weebly.com domain.

Whether you want to build an online store, a website for your business or a referral marketing site there are plenty of easy to use features that give you the power and control needed for modern website development.

Weebly provides excellent support & help that can be accessed on https://www.weebly.com/app/help/us/en.

Prices start from $6/month for the Weebly personal use plan billed annually, or $9/month when billed month to month.

Weebly Website Builder
Screenshot of HostGator’s web page for Gator Site Builder.

some web hosting companies have their own site builder

#2. Gator Website Builder

HostGator is the perfect example of a web hosting provider website builder.

HostGator Website Builder

There are pros and cons with using the HostGator builder.

One of the downsides is that the builder itself is not fully automated for ecommerece integrations like you would get when using something like Shopify.

One of the good things and reasons to choose HostGator is the web hosting serviced and site builder are all bundled together at an affordable price point everyone can save with.

Starting from only $3.46/month the Gator website builder plans combine the best hosting servers, website building tool, website email addresses & local search features needed to run your business online.

Gator Website Builder
Screenshot of HostGator’s web page for Gator Site Builder.

Google has the best free website builder for business – Get started Building your first site free on Google My Business (GMB)

#3. Google Free Website Builder

Website builders are easy to use drag and drop software tools that make it a breeze to build new website in just a few minutes of time.

We think the best free website builder for business is Google’s site builder without any doubts whatsoever. TG gives the Google website builder our recommendation because their site builder is simple, organized and works great for creating new projects for any sized business.

Unless building a website using WordPress, the free site builder from GMB is a very useful set of website building tools packaged together into a single, easy to use website builder.

Plus to get better, Google My Business (GMB) helps you to integrate your website into Google Search and Google Local.

This is really a must-use feature for any and all websites that wish to receive organic traffic from various types of Google searches from mobile to local.

Easily build premium websites with the Wix website builder

#4. Wix

Wix is the perfect example of an easy to use site builder that’s filled with bells and whistles needed to run a successful website.

There are pros and cons with using Wix to build your website(s).

One of the downsides is the extra costs associated with hosting on the Wix platform.

One of the many good reasons to choose Wix is that anyone can quickly build a high quality website in minutes.

The company provides excellent support services that can be accessed on https://support.wix.com/en/.

Starting from $14/month for the Wix Combo personal use plan, Wix provides its websites with state-of-the-art servers and one of the easiest to use website builders anywhere online.

Wix Website Builder
Screenshot of HostGator’s web page for Gator Site Builder.

Another good option is Google Sites offered in G Workspace

#5. Google Sites

Starting a new website built using Google Workspace Sites is a fast and easy way to get started with site builders.

When you build your site with Workspace there are no html coding or web design skills needed. Its easy to build a website in a short amount of time using prebuilt website templates and features designed by Google to create a rich and engaging user experience.

That’s what we like best about building with Google Sites. Programming & web development skills are not required to build professional websites with Workspace.

Google Sites by Google Workspace

Building with WordPress

Best WordPress Website Builder

Elementor is easily the best WordPress website building plugin with well over 5 million happy users.

For people and small businesses using WordPress, Elementor is the #1 website builder tool to use for building WordPress websites. Elementor provides a super easy to use drag and drop format. There are pre-built templates and patterns to use for building web pages quickly. Quickly drag and drop Images, Headings, Buttons and Sections on to your page.

The wordpress plugin is free to download and use. There are also premium features included for users who upgrade to Elementor Pro wordpress plugin.

Hands down Elementor is the best website builder for WordPress sites and is highly recommended by TrustGeeky.

Find Top Site Builders on Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

ChamberofCommerce.org provides a helpful list of the best website builders for small businesses.

Whether you want to use drag and drop website building tools such as those offered by Weebly and Wix or you’re going to use WordPress to build your site, you can turn to the Chamber of Commerce for website builder reviews you can trust.

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization that helps companies establish themselves in their local economy and online.

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